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Home Battery System

From October this year, 40,000 South Australian households will have access to $100 million in State Government subsidies to pay for the installation of home battery systems.

The Scheme will directly reduce electricity costs for the 40,000 households that purchase a subsidised household energy storage system. In addition, the installation of these systems will reduce demand on the network (especially at peak periods) and in turn lower prices for all South Australians.

Natural Technology Systems

Natural Technology Systems has been designing & installing Solar Power Systems for a period of 30 years & has gained respect in Australia as the leader in the Grid Connect & Hybrid Power market.

Step 1 – Power System Assessment

We can assess your current power use – make a time with one of our friendly consultants on and we can go through your most recent power bills

This assessment will establish your current power bills to establish:

  1. Your current power daily usage in summer and winter
  2. If you currently have a solar system
  3. If so do you currently receive a high feed in tariff (any changes to the system may mean you may lose this tariff level)
  4. If you don’t have a solar system will a solar only system be suffice for your power needs?

Step 2 - Lifecycle Assessment

After your Power System assessment Natural Technology Systems will conduct a lifecycle assessment to determine your return on investment on a solar only or solar and battery system including timely information on rebates and subsidy eligibility.

Estimated to have 40,000 households to benefit from the scheme. $100 Million worth of low-interest loans finance plans by Gov.​

All South Australian households will be eligible for the scheme. Concession Holders will be able to access a higher subsidy.​

Scheme available on various batteries like Sonnen, LG Chem, Plyon Tech, and others which meet the technical & safety standards.

The scheme is run by The State Government to help provide more affordable, reliable, and secure energy to residents.

Make the Most of Your Solar System

Don’t miss this great opportunity to break free from rising energy costs with the South Australian Government Home Battery Rebate!
Fill in the form or call us today on 7078 7728 for more information.

$ M
Low-Interest Loans
Households to benefit
Max Grant

Adding batteries at home can be a great way to reduce energy bills

Home Batteries retail for about $10,000. allowing back-up during blackouts or load-shedding, as well as the ability to store energy and sell it back to the grid. Households will now enjoy savings of thousands of dollars on their electricity bills over the life of the battery.

Natural Technology Systems will guide you through the process and help you gain access to the generous battery rebate and greatly reduce your electricity costs. We’ll also be able to work out how much you qualify for.

Is a home battery storage system right for me?

The Home Battery Scheme website (to launch in October) will help customers consider whether a home battery storage system is suitable for them through a series of preliminary questions.

Households should seek detailed analysis from System Providers when obtaining quotes for their home battery storage system.

It is important for all households to consider whether the expected energy savings over the life of the battery will cover the cost of its purchase.

In the meantime, if you are concerned about your energy bills, you can find helpful advice & information about energy use in your home and how you may better manage it, get in touch with one of our friendly & professional staff at (08) 8344 7298 or visit our showroom on 120 Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082

Switch on to Solar Energy solutions with Natural Technology Systems. The best under the Sun.

  • 82B Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082
  • (08) 7078 7728
  • info@naturaltechnology.com.au


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